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(23.28 KB 621x569 1521426788952.jpg)
Anonymous 11/06/2019 (Wed) 21:53:31 No. 4131
Just FYI everyone, Posting half-naked little girls and boys got the server seized last time and it can happen again if you faggots can't control yourselves. If you ABSOLUTLEY HAVE TO post pedoshit, stick to 2D lolicon and shotacon.
(1.13 MB 2000x1705 The_smiling_man.jpg)
it was just a prank bro
(134.13 KB 800x1200 penelope-g-take-a-look12.jpg)
(79.13 KB 486x803 image0-28.jpg)
(53.50 KB 551x800 barbara-bouche.jpg)
(132.76 KB 567x851 Rubia-de-ojos-verdes.jpg)
>>4131 Lol I doubt they care. Yeah I think pedo shit's gay since the girls don't even have hips or breasts yet why tf bother. Pics related are both actually beautiful and hot and legal.
>>4154 >that first pic >those drooping tits I am usually disgusted by sagging tits, but she has nice nipples. I want to suck on them until I fall asleep tbh.
>>4131 The post office tookk it down ?
>>4213 It was a photoshop of the real Deep Dot Web seizure notice. That was a real takedown due to Deep Dot Web linking to darknet drug markets, that investigation involved the USPIS (drugs sent through the mail) and Israeli police (most ecstasy is made in Israel). The US code cited pertains to money laundering. It was a pretty convincing Halloween prank, had most of us fooled at first.
(592.11 KB 1082x773 seized.png)
>>4227 the shoop for comparison
>>4227 >>4228 Correct. The reactions were hilarious though.
(79.60 KB 700x695 30UxS.jpg)
y'all don't listen...
>>4131 This is bait.
>>4236 Why did the owner change?
>>4796 Old owner was a cuck with a limp dick that couldn't get it up for kids tbh.
>>4154 All those bitches are legal, anon. The top left & right are obvious, the top middle one is some bitch from Fashion Land, an offshoot of Tokyo Dolls that specializes in barely legal looking non-nude cunts. The bottom left is a MetArt model. Can't remember her name but she does softcore bate vids with Amour Angels now. None are underage.


no cookies?