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autism tbh

diaperfag sticky tbh

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pedo fantasy

You meet your perfect waifu, get married, and have the perfect son and daughter, or so it seems. Turns out your son is sexually interested in your wife and not only does he wish to have sex with her, but also wants you out of the way so that he could fuck his mother. Also turns out that your daughter is sexually interested in you, and not only desires to have sex with you, but also wants her mother out of the way so that she could fuck her father. Each of your children wants to replace their same sex parent and become the romantic and sexual partner of their opposite sex parent, and if you thought things couldn't get any worse, you also discover that the siblings have been having sex with each other in secret as "practice", and have decided to work together to ruin the relationship of their parents with each other while seducing the opposite sex parent away at the same time. Now, the most disturbing thing abut all this is that your children are both under the age of nine, the daughter is 6, the son is 5, the two are almost nine months apart (as you got your wife pregnant with your son almost immediately after she birthed your daughter), you discovered what you know by reading their private journals (which were both locked and hidden), neither know you know what you do, and your wife is completely unaware of your knowledge as well. Both of your children are highly intelligent to an unusual degree (with an IQ that is already higher than yours or your wife's), and act very much like little adults (which has become almost disturbing now that you know what you do about them), and they are sexually precocious in a mental capacity (but haven't physically matured any faster than average). The following night you come home early and hear strange noises on the floor above, they originate from you son's room, the door is open and you discover scene of your son lying back on his bed, your wife kneeling with his feet over her shoulders, her head between his legs, bobbing her head up and down, both of them are completely nude, she is giving her own prepubescent son a blowjob. Your daughter takes your hand from behind, you look down to see that she isn't wearing clothes either, she wants to lead you to your room, she wants you to take off all of your clothes and lie back on your bed, and allow her to do all the work, she says she knows what she's doing and wants to please you.

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Video thread tbh.

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The Cunny Queen

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Is he v& or still around?

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My niece

Her mom just left her too me at a very young age...and it was up to me to take care of her. But even at this very young age she had t his curious nature and a genuine ability to love

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With step daughters be patient

A conversation with patience can lead to so much more than just alk

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Oh my God!

I just can't believe it!

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My girl in the neighborhood

I mean her mom was never there. And it was just the two of them. I noticed how often she was alone even over night...So one time I just walked up and asked her how she was doing...

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My brothers little girl

I mean I always suspected he and my niece were... well...being way too friendly...just the way he acted around her and they way she looked at him and sometimes even me....then my brother got a couple of years for dealing and well she came to live with me

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The Dream

The Dream Girll

R: 164 / I: 102 / P: 2

Only have this two photos that set I am sorry

R: 363 / I: 435 / P: 2

/cute/ fun thread #17 tbh


R: 18 / I: 2 / P: 2

Recommend a good legal jailbait pic site like primejailbait? was good but closed. Can you guys recommend another good one on clearnet without hardcore porn? Want big pics too like prime jailbait had. Sorry Kate, you gave me a jailbait craving. RIP Kate. I have to at least look when 12 year olds are that hot.

R: 274 / I: 404 / P: 2

Someone know Masha Babko? I want talk aboout her.

R: 109 / I: 233 / P: 2

Footfaggotry Thread

An anon requested I dump loli feet, so here are some loli feet. All images are lickable and sniffable. If anyone wants to contribute some loli feet, that would be very based of them. Pls forgive any dupes (or typos.)

R: 5 / I: 3 / P: 2

How can I get a loli in my life?

I want a lg to go to dinner with. And road trips. Cuddle time and movies. 4 to 10 girl. This is my dream. How can I move towards the goal of getting a loli in my life?

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hows this a thing still in America?

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Flexible Lolis (Anatomy Appreciation)

R: 12 / I: 5 / P: 3

You might be a pedophile if...

You might be a pedophile if... 1. You sometimes check out more little girls than items at the store. 2. You never have to worry about getting a ticket for going to fast in a school zone. 3. You don't keep condoms "just in case" but you do keep little girl toys at your place "just in case" one should ever show up. 4. You buy Girl Scout Cookies every time you see them being sold, even though you don't really like them. 5. You don't particularly like kids movies, but sometimes you go see them anyway, by yourself. You might be a pedophile if... 6. You know who Laura B is. Can you come up with more?

R: 3 / I: 2 / P: 3

hey /cunny/ am i cute enough to be lolified? :3

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 3

Are any of you pedos here actually much like this at all?

Look at this article. Are any other of you guys much like this typical anti article? I'm not (much) like it but I would be interested to hear about it if any of you guys are:

R: 21 / I: 5 / P: 3

This guy supports you. Do you hate him? If so, why?

R: 120 / I: 141 / P: 3

Post your favorite girl. Pic related.

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Little girls are the best cure for loneliness? Crazy idea?

Many men seem to think this. And seek a little girl for companionship instead of a woman. I have this idea, too. But where does this idea come from? I have too many bad experiences with people, including women. Little girls look a lot like women but it's like you have reset to a more pure mind and love. Do many men really end up finding happiness through little girls, or are we crazy?

R: 12 / I: 44 / P: 3

My little arrogant beauty

I mean she knows she's cute and over time she learned how to use it with m

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Those life changing conversations

I hope mom stays asleep cause I can feel daddy getting hard already

R: 9 / I: 5 / P: 4

>qt garden allows bare chest >qt garden allows bare butt >qt garden allows crotch focusing images why this place can't allow those things too?

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R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 4

Who wants to raid trannychan?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 4

R: 4 / I: 5 / P: 4

Can anyone name check me on these two please? Had no luck with multiple reverse image searching, even Yandex doesn't know. Wanna grab their sets.

R: 31 / I: 5 / P: 4

Hello everyone, Chris Hansen here. You may know me from TV-Series such as 'To Catch a Predator', 'Killer Instinct' and 'Crime Watch Daily'. I wanted to take this opportunity to advertise my brand new YouTube Show 'Have A Seat With Chris Hansen' on which I'm hosting Livestreams investigating potential online predators such as famous YouTuber 'Onision'. Check out my channel via the link below, subscribe and leave a thumbs up if you like it.

R: 3 / I: 6 / P: 4

Has anyone been able to get cybersex in omegle? Someone who has experiences?

R: 11 / I: 14 / P: 4

Is there still hope for this board?

R: 100 / I: 128 / P: 4

MARA BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION THREAD can you believe she's turning 18 already?

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R: 72 / I: 39 / P: 5


so I have been busy all week and that made me realize how much i can accomplish in such a short time and how much time im wasting online tbh so i decided that im not going to keep running this board anymore and focus on improving myself tbh i hope its not a big deal and i will be forgetting tbh i will give the board to janny1k tbh poor jannys will be shocked by this gay shit tbh also face painting is cute tbh

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The seat is nice and warm!

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 5

Rachel Model Set 20

R: 45 / I: 37 / P: 5

Premium loli's

Only the very best loli's make it to the high end of fashion. The crème de la crème. A place where only the purest cunny can shine.

R: 90 / I: 384 / P: 5

Don't you see their bodies burning? Desolate and full of yearning Dying of anticipation Choking from intoxication

R: 7 / I: 3 / P: 5

Queen of /libre/

Behold our mighty queen

R: 16 / I: 5 / P: 5

Vocaroo thread

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 5

Anfisa Riazhkina (Anfisa_Siberia) Photos

Hi all Does anyone have the rest of this Anfisa bikini set? It was posted on freshmodels but they took all the pics down before I could save them. There were quite a few. There was also this HUGE multi-gigabyte folder someone uploaded to megaupload that contained that set plus tons of other exclusive photos from her patreon and little private videos. Sadly I did not save this link to download either and it is also gone. Anything else from that thread, hard-to-find or exclusive patreon photos/videos, and deleted content from her instagram or telegram would be greatly appreciated

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Anyone got good onion links?

R: 13 / I: 2 / P: 6 is dead, liveme and periscope are still alive but they're dry as hell ... So what are the good places to find quality live streams as of now ?

R: 4 / I: 7 / P: 6


i hope mom a sleep.

R: 8 / I: 3 / P: 6

Stupid Pedos.

Sooooo... I used to be able to reliably come here and fap to some pictures of some big tittied 12-16 year olds with nice asses/legs and then go back to my normal life like every other normal heterosexual man. But now you stupid faggots keep posting pictures of 5 year olds and shit and I cant even get hard anymore when i come here. Seriously, get some fucking good taste or post some good jailbait or something you stupid pedo faggots. Stop posting and fapping to tiny little kids. Thats why nobody respects you. That is all. Thank you.

R: 10 / I: 14 / P: 6

can we have an ass thread going here? I don't have nothing here to help tbh

R: 43 / I: 25 / P: 6

we are #1 tbh

R: 131 / I: 316 / P: 6

Random Lolis/Tweens/Teens

Post them

R: 539 / I: 230 / P: 6

Some one remember Marabro

R: 4 / I: 8 / P: 6


do any of your faggets know this e-whore? is there any more stuff of her out there?

R: 14 / I: 14 / P: 6

That look it just starts with that look

I mean you see that eye to eye contact and well you wonder how can they have that look at that age?

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Hai hello.

R: 59 / I: 164 / P: 7

Just some child fashion

R: 13 / I: 18 / P: 7

You are given 3 hours in a room with her. WWYD?

R: 11 / I: 6 / P: 7

who are the hottest lolis

and why is it russian girls

R: 11 / I: 28 / P: 7

Well hello then.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 7

Daughter whores Natasha from St. Petersburg.

R: 6 / I: 15 / P: 7

Oh, I'm gonna love you all.

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Fucking die

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we have a right to exist

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Anyone got WALS Julie set 135?

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 8

My wife <3

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 8

Weekends remind me of teen dating and sex.

I obsess over teen girls hard. Weekends remind me of teen dating and sex. Things I never had. I'm already miserable from these thoughts that won't go away but some would also say it makes me evil. Just like how it's evil for people with diabetes to think about candy.