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rip in pieces libreland tbh

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FUCK OFF WE ARE FULL TBH inconsistent hotpocketeering tbh no lood talk about minors tbh you have to be /cute/ to post on this board tbh -Rules- nudity and bare breasts + butts are against the global rules tbh

Anonymous Board owner 10/24/2019 (Thu) 14:01:57 No. 1998
fun thread #4 tbh
(142.10 KB 1080x1350 af.jpg)
>FUCK OFF WE ARE FULL based >>1999 kek i find your occasional spelling mistakes endearing tbh
(168.26 KB 1080x1350 43e40b9b031a4eea13945fa074f6c748.jpg)
>>2000 >endearing thanks i guess tbh
(201.53 KB 320x796 pavdab.mp4)
>>2001 also i can use it to bully you :^)
(764.51 KB 1080x1350 (You).jpg)
>>2003 Could you add me as board Volunteer? I'd be a very wise decision to bring me in as part of the team. have one of the cutest rarest gemmas on the house.
(27.32 KB 545x362 time.jpeg)
>>2004 >have one of the cutest rarest gemmas on the house. thanks i really love this image tbh >>2005 kek tbh
hehe nice
Alright I undid the changes the trannycoder made in this commit: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan/commit/813e588d43255960befde1f0735b9842eb8dfb55
Now the board message is being displayed properly again.
(764.49 KB 1536x2048 lol.jpg)
thanks i thought the trannycoder will give a bullshit reponse but im glad i was wrong tbh
(146.92 KB 1049x699 dopin.jpg)
Actually he has yet to respond and given his history of communication it will no doubt be a bullshit response.
Edited last time by jimbo on 10/24/2019 (Thu) 14:51:56.
oh im retarded i didnt understand your post fully kek tbh
also looks like we have got a new problem tbh
Yeah that's because those posts were made using the old code. New posts display breaks properly.
(467.04 KB 900x660 g5IYiuH.png)
oh okay thanks
do it faggot there is no better time than NOW tbh
true, also im a neet so no excuse really
board refresh is not working reeeeee tbh
can someone explain to me what the fuck is happening on /baniwani/
Are you using https:// ?
Works fine for me.
i know basic shit but i cant do shit because retarded tbh
works on my machine tbh
i think schizo posting tbh
yes, ive refreshed and it's working again tbh

that ugly shitskin thing needs to be gassed, less turds in the world and more aryan lolis the better tbh.
(70.77 KB 728x546 kekekekek.jpg)
(319.17 KB 476x450 maxlel.mp4)
for fucks sake that ting on the right is a goddess. Source + Position now.
Why is she so fucking autistic?
NOPE tbh
(66.63 KB 720x720 1533513238252.jpg)
(234.92 KB 453x767 COPE.jpg)
idk, you're just going to have to COPE™ with it tbh
(954.51 KB 845x1153 1560564078402.png)
(229.58 KB 1280x800 IMG_2073.JPG)
Ok you are right. I am a pedo who also loves women tbh
based NanoDataminer
>>2033 brehs dem DFCs...
>>2026 me too, sometimes it's fun to play with some firm titties. #NonExclusiveGang
(202.07 KB 1080x1350 1557813539436.jpg)
(534.25 KB 1080x1213 1555615090747-1.jpg)
(395.31 KB 920x1378 879978798.jpg)
(1.83 MB 1080x1293 1546763000281-1.jpg)
>>2036 based reminder that little girls have no ass >>2035 true that
(1.13 MB 1080x1080 1531002160154-1.jpg)
>>2036 roasties are gross
>>2038 this tbh
>>2039 works on my machine
>>2038 >>2040 (cute girl tbh) wrong tbh
>>2037 >reminder that little girls have no ass despite the examples i provided in the previous thread (which you convincingly ignored) asses are gay anyways, DFC is where its at tbh
>>2043 *conveniently
>>2039 Refresh the page you little bitch.
>>2043 >DFC is where its at tbh absolutely true tbh >>2046 SPOILER YOUR FUCKING OLD HAGS TBH
(218.13 KB 1365x2048 01fe687e4f90b27bc6595d3c8b5799b4.jpg)
(534.58 KB 1280x1707 tumblr_maft641RaM1qdqlnso1_1280.jpg)
(574.16 KB 2048x996 15060pp.jpg)
>>2046 based NonExclusiveNanoDataminer tbh >>2043 > asses are gay why you say that?
(165.89 KB 1440x960 3572784_10477650.jpg)
>>2048 very sexy tbqh minus the tattoos tho
>>2049 im only memeing tbh, i would continue but i have to go for a while
(83.92 KB 947x1024 DqUI7jYWkAAW5cn.jpg)
(222.67 KB 1080x1080 1552318137810-1.jpg)
(1.84 MB 2378x2693 151418481048.jpg)
>>2051 i like boobs, legs, tummy, asses, etc. and obviously only women have boobs and asses tbh ttyl tbh
>>2049 t h i c c
>>2053 left = nice right = fat be respectful and spoiler roasties tbh
(553.53 KB 1400x1050 33556079-4.jpg)
>little girls have no boobs
>>2055 I know the one on the right is fat it was a joke.
a fucking joke like you janis
(97.85 KB 531x648 remove-antipedo-community.jpg)
>>2058 basde. when are they going to mod you here??
>>2058 apologize tbh
Make NanoDataminer Mod tbh
>>2060 >>2062 I can apologize in the form of you making me Board Volunteer like the userbase wants >>2059 >>2061 You are out of touch with the cummunity and having a fresh face great personality like me on the team would save this toilet bowl.
(350.04 KB 733x698 hahaha.jpg)
>>2062 basedd
(69.69 KB 900x900 1521915911168.jpg)
How often do you shower lads? once a day?
(9.99 KB 702x66 ClipboardImage.png)
(44.15 KB 638x486 spaghetti.jpg)
>>2063 >like the userbase wants 1 person with a vpn does not a userbase make
>>2063 >single ip >userbase >>2065 yes tbh
>>2065 I only shower once a month. Gotta stay ready and primed in case the pigs burst through the door at any moment *click-click*
(5.50 MB 1440x2560 1555615272082-3.png)
>>2065 right after fapping to masha
>>2069 If you fap really hard to masha and get some of it on your chest and you just wipe it off and then go outside on the tube/tram/outside whatever will girls and women nearby smell that you just jacked off because you have not showered or not notice (this is purely hypothetical) >>2070 I'd like to taste those feet.
(45.75 KB 1080x1080 1536231682313.jpg)
>>2071 masha is pure
(650.92 KB 1000x1500 pussy-gape-masha.jpg)
>>2072 have a look at her dirty little thing then.
(2.04 MB 2560x1920 21732038qLq.jpg)
#IAmPedo tbh
what happened to the site tbh? went down for a few minutes
>>2075 FBI seized the servers
>>2075 Just some server maintenance nothing you should be worried about
(55.71 KB 1080x810 1541501224036.jpg)
>>2076 >NanoDataminer shows up >15 mins later the site goes down
>>2075 I don't know, node.js a shit tbh.
(1.73 MB 1080x1349 1533433568153-0.jpg)
(148.66 KB 1080x1080 1533212124446.jpg)
(123.13 KB 1080x1350 1533113713176.jpg)
>>2080 I don't know either tbh I'm still using AOL free trial discs tbh
>>2080 i thought it was the FBI because of some stuff on /hebe/ tbh
(19.37 KB 448x279 31ba.jpg)
(150.47 KB 1080x1080 who can it be now.jpg)
>>2080 Should of used infinity next instead of this tranny shit. >>2082 nothing suspicious on /hebe/
>>2084 Infinity on 8chan had a lot of problems. Lynxchan is much more stable.
>>2084 hi nanodataminer
(109.23 KB 1080x718 1547586803685-0.jpg)
>>2085 t. stephen lynx
(144.30 KB 900x1200 1522230959146.jpg)
Little girls are sexy
(495.06 KB 1409x1765 1532854782146.jpg)
Too bad nobody ever adopted librechan tbh https://gitlab.com/potion/librechan
>>2087 Who's Stephen Lynx?
>>2090 the tranny who developed lynxchan
>>2085 next on 16chan and nextchan was god-tier perfect software you dummy. >>2091 he should kill himself.
>>2092 IIRC next didn't work without JS.
(84.12 KB 1080x1350 1538022972468.jpg)
>>2092 >he should kill himself rude tbh
>>2091 idc if he's a tranny, he makes a good piece of software and he doesn't use it to push his lifestyle on me
(4.83 MB 320x240 tutorial.mp4)
>>2090 hue hue
(82.98 KB 1080x1296 fRAJjhptbkE.jpg)
>>2096 >hue
Little girls have no asses tbh
(1.79 MB 300x215 shay77.gif)
(733.86 KB 1280x960 1568143230995.jpg)
>>2093 incorrect, that was fixed in nextchan. >>2095 >a good piece of software a good piece of garbage FTFY.
(496.16 KB 1063x499 ass.png)
>>2099 you love ass so much?? here ive got an ass for you...
(65.10 KB 467x700 ss.jpg)
btw we should ban nazis so we dont get deplatformed
(257.15 KB 570x582 39b.png)
I want to coom inside attractive females age 5-50
>>2105 masha (talented singer)
>>2101 >a good piece of garbage Lemme know when you write an imageboard software that works.
Reminder why not to let NanoPenis be a janitor: he lets some fag post cum tributes on his board and doesn't so much as spoiler it.
>>2107 lg tier argument. Are you a little girl?
>>2109 There are lots of reasons and his dickpic fetish is one of them yes
>>2105 >>2106 who would be dumb enough to put their in the Steam account. what a moron
>>2113 Maybe someone from a country where CP is legal
(67.57 KB 511x800 upshort-nn-teen-booty-view.jpg)
>>2114 probably a hue tbh
>>2105 >Posted December 22, 2018 Steam mods confirmed for incompetent, kek.
>>2117 you'd get banned faster for posting a racist comment or something about LGBT++XYZ
>>2118 Based Steam staff confirmed for being pedo
(168.57 KB 1080x1350 1536598488562.jpg)
>>2119 to be fair I think you can still find similar pics of her on google images. maybe they have been removed don't know. don't recommend searching anyway
do little girls have nice butts?
>>2121 >mfw lgs have nice butts but no ass
(408.07 KB 1600x1200 1528650669584-4.jpg)
(227.60 KB 789x1160 s8oHeDJ.jpg)
>>2122 women have nicer asses tbh
>>2121 Nope.
>>2123 if its on a lg, that body part automatically gets +10 karma tbh
(1.81 MB 2130x3094 6EFut.jpg)
(156.07 KB 1200x1800 s1200 (6).jpg)
>>2124 that's crazy kek i have fapped many times tbh >>2125 >>2126 women have nicer asses tbh
(328.12 KB 1637x2049 1570502960047.jpg)
This, little girls have shit tier asses.
(492.68 KB 1920x1080 41094590405_cf5b0bd0d9_o.jpg)
(570.76 KB 1280x1920 36130141405_63ee3fee0e_o.jpg)
(209.92 KB 1080x1350 1539303791499-0.jpg)
I want a little girl to sit on my face tbh
>>2129 why are we even talking about lg asses?? the one thing the roastiods cant compete with is the DFC >>2131 ass or no ass, based tbh
>>2131 >1st I'd sniff her braps
(9.64 MB 406x640 Dancing2.mp4)
>>2132 Flat is justice. But lg ass is life.
>>2133 >he fell for the brap-sniffing meme lmao
>>2138 cunnyjuice>breath>saliva>sweat>boogers>earwax>>>>>>>>>>>>> aids >>>>>>>>>>>>>braps feel free to add tbh
Puberty was a mistake. ~ God
>>2141 Whats with all these roasties, dad? - Jesus
(115.96 KB 682x1024 Hn3ilRk8O7A.jpg)
(116.46 KB 960x1200 Ds4gZFRU0AE9wtW.jpg)
>>2142 Roasties have boobs and better asses than little girls. Prove me wrong? Protip: You can't
(718.89 KB 840x1084 pedo christ.png)
(170.84 KB 400x534 pedo christ 2.jpg)
(71.90 KB 570x778 pedo christ 3.jpg)
>>2143 pineapples and grapes, fren >>2144 PEACE BE UPON HIM TBH
>>2145 pbuh tbh
are there any other non exclusive pedos who are also like roasties here?
>>2147 sadly
(1.36 MB 1080x1350 1530426395438.jpg)
(814.65 KB 1080x1080 1530334074911-3.jpg)
(148.24 KB 768x1024 1528650072618-0.jpg)
(150.32 KB 640x960 1528475229577-1.jpeg.jpg)
>>2148 lol sorry
>>2147 Only their bodies.
>>2149 Normally I'd tell you to fuck off but that loli in the sand made pp hard so I guess apology accepted.
(2.08 MB 1080x1350 1534287426325-1.jpg)
(119.56 KB 1080x1350 1534287426325-2.jpg)
(1.22 MB 1080x1079 1534287426325-4.jpg)
>>2150 fapping only for me lgs are far cuter
>>2152 That's exactly what I said. They're objects.
>>2153 I'd rather fuck a table, at least they're flat.
(740.58 KB 1691x2153 150988038.jpg)
(256.16 KB 1080x1349 galinat.jpg)
>>2151 >I'd tell you to fuck off i spoil my roasties and still post lgs :/ >>2153 based how about lgs tho?
(354.94 KB 1200x1600 1515991121429-3.jpg)
(1.07 MB 3000x2000 1534910564152-0.jpg)
(886.14 KB 1800x1200 1531095561796.jpg)
(187.51 KB 1280x960 1529363530835.jpg)
Romantic exclusive pedos are the only real pedos, change my mind. Pro-tip:: You cannot.
>>2155 Lgs are people, not objects. Only modern women. They renounced their humanity.
>>2158 I hear you
(133.89 KB 1080x1350 ca2784f445bfb6d87facef329768e731.jpg)
How do we prevent lgs from becoming like women though?
>>2160 There is not a single day that goes by I don't ask myself that exact question.
>>2160 >>2161 Brothers, do not despair. The misandry bubble will burst soon.
>>2162 But when will we find a cure for puberty?
>>2160 Vegan diets. No joke. Vegan diets are low in protein and fats, which make girls produce women hormones. Look Greta Thunberg, she's almost 17yo and looks like a 12-13yo. Lgs should not eat meat tbh
>>2164 How about an all semen diet?
(459.63 KB 2508x1672 27580132_l.jpg)
>>2165 lol
>>2165 pedo
(38.68 KB 500x500 natural harvest.jpg)
>>2166 >>2167 It's not what you think! Well, yeah it is. But it's legit! But it also gets my off...
(16.83 KB 227x211 pq57.jpg)
>>2168 My favourite book
>>2164 >Look Greta Thunberg She looks like an ogre. Only healthy non-vegan lolies for me thanks
>>2175 greta is hot tbh
>>2176 I'd willingly impregnate that
(2.00 MB 686x448 1570840692784.gif)
>>2177 give her a little global warming if you know what i mean
(18.86 KB 336x337 22n.jpg)
>>2180 No?
>>2181 have sex
>>2182 No? I am not familiar with that concept either... please elaborate. Thanks.
(351.19 KB 555x576 1557440330044.png)
>>2183 have sex
>>2004 Where to find more
are people having sex or what? why does the board get silent all of a sudden tbh
>#4 thats was a fun one tbh
>>2263 you are banned here because i feel like it tbh see you never my dude :^) i will keep deleting anypost implying its you tbh
>>2266 >>2267 you are selfish and i don't want anything to do with you tbh
>>2272 go clean /b/ tbh aren't you a global jan?
>Maximum size allowed: 500.00 KB >Maximum banners allowed: 100 new admin is fucking based but my laptop is rip so i cant make banners kek tbh i knew the old admin didnt like me tbh
>>2273 why
>>2273 >>2275 report the stuff tbh
>>2275 >>2276 >global janitor who is also a board owner refuses to delete cp kek
(82.47 KB 599x495 1568547646116.jpg)
>>2276 It's a bl thread with actual gay child porn you dumb coomer.
(133.65 KB 1000x1500 Alli Feet (16).jpg)
Man don't wanna walk to the shops or jump on a train cuz the endz got tensions. one eye on my opps two eyes on my friends cuz at least my opps mans know their intentions. Hot feet tbh.
>>2277 >>2278 fuck you niggers im not used to looking at naked boys and im not gay tbh
>>2280 also deleted next time complain on /meta/ tbh
(111.41 KB 510x494 image.jpg)
This girl is like a 2 hour, 2 hour and a half trip away from me topps. Do you think I should cunny hunt her lads? https://saveig.org/florallouisa/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvcBjYxoaS-_omiCkFZDgEg/videos A little old for some of the exclusives here but fit.
>>2284 if she was younger i would have deleted for obvious reasons tbh
what are you doing replying to nano you said he was banned
(238.74 KB 559x1526 Trump poopoo pepe pence feels.jpg)
(3.60 MB 500x283 Trump Debate.webm)
>>2285 she's literally the same age as me lol. >>2286 Shogun is more incoherent than a 80 year old Donald Trump with Dementia. >Wednesday: We are going to build a wall >Thursday: Wall? What wall? >Friday: What does wall mean? Wallpaper? >Saturday: Big Strong...*falls asleep** >Sunday: WE HAVE TO BUILD A WALL. *braaaaapp*
>>2286 >>2287 >implying i know your age sorry im a useless nigger tbh also i said im going to delete anything implying "nano" so he can still post without name, email, signatures of any kind im not going to haunting him tbh
>>2288 Those eyes! Thanks BO!
>>2288 >haunt oh no ...
oh ok so he can still beg and be toxic just without typing his name kek you created another shitter anon
>>2289 you are welcome tbh btw anyone remembers the last thread number we had? >>2291 dont worry tbh begging = nano what do you mean by toxic?
>>2292 >>2266 >You will regret this severely >>2267 >next time this board WON'T come back online.
>>2293 i just want an argument against his supporters tbh i will delete if you really want to tbh
>>2294 your grave
>>2295 give me something to work with tbh
>>2296 hes silent now waiting for the troll anons to defend him
>>2297 yeah he is preparing his CP spambot for when i go sleeping tbh >>2298 patatoes are nice tbh
>>2300 >patatoes >toes
(21.15 KB 448x254 m001zcb.jpg)
>>2303 we cant have barebutts tbh >inb4 i already posted a crop yeah but i only saw feet tbh
(115.87 KB 760x950 imgsrc.ru_52655421iUg.jpg)
>>2307 It wasn't a crop, it was a different photo of the set. where are you from? france? scandinavia?
>>2308 im fucking retarded, they say from Argentina tbh
(730.18 KB 1080x1080 1570043345774.jpg)
>>2309 Bullshit, Art3mis is from Argentina and if it were true then that would mean you go to sleep a 17:00-18:00 in the evening mad. MAD TING FAM
>>2311 leave me alone dataminer tbh
(1.07 MB 692x916 Negan-Big-Scary-U.png)
(170.41 KB 970x545 Negan smiling.jpg)
(72.65 KB 960x720 s0.jpeg)
>>2321 I don't participate in illegal activities officer but I'll write the answers. Body: Pic 1 Hair: Pic 2 Style: Pic 3 Type of Girl: Pic 4 Movie: A Clockwork Orange. Album: Dave - Psychodrama TV : The Walking Dead Seasons 1-7 & TOP BOY Porn/Fetish: Feet
>>2338 fuck off nano
>>2308 >where are you from? stop datamining and stay banned nanonigger
>2338 >posts men gays not welcome
>>2274 >Maximum size allowed: 500.00 KB >Maximum banners allowed: 100 BASED and welcome back! some wholesome llamas to celebrate :D what happened to your laptop?
(90.08 KB 472x667 DA.jpg)
>>2391 cute girl, cute llama
(289.54 KB 469x243 ClipboardImage.png)
(204.10 KB 479x225 ClipboardImage.png)
(59.36 KB 231x121 ClipboardImage.png)
(470.81 KB 456x495 ClipboardImage.png)
(85.58 KB 646x574 clip2.jpg)
(29.43 KB 426x341 plo.jpg)
>>2394 dat last pic
>Thread needs more polikarpass. I DEMAND MORE POLIKARPASS. Tbh.
>>2396 BRAP
>>2404 she's like the precocious lolita character with boobs in my animes
(2.51 KB 200x200 124546363331.gif)
>>2404 Based anon delivers it in record time. All glory shall bestow upon thee, BASED anon. Time to fucking shred it tbh.
>>2405 and DSL
(114.40 KB 1080x1080 zoz.jpg)
>>2391 cute llamas tbh >what happened to your laptop? i nudged the charging port and it stopped working tbh it doesnt matter because i hate laptops tbh >>2397 >>2399 >>2400 >>2401 >>2402 >>2403 >>2404 >>2405 >>2407 >>2408 >tfw no polikarpova cunnywife i cant cope with it tbh
im having alot of "connection failed" when i try to uplaod images tbh
someone just mentioned us on 4/tv/ :^) >>2410 did you lose any files or anything? >i hate laptops poor laptops, what did they ever do to you ;_; even tho mine is shit i still have a lot of affection for them tbh >cant cope only one thing to do then...zozzle >>2411 its either aliens or the FBI, or possibly the jews oh btw do you remember what font you used for this banner?
>>2412 >font wait no, not that one actually, the one that uses a heart above the "i"
(72.16 KB 300x100 1571148053753.png)
this one!
>>2412 >did you lose any files or anything? idk i have no way of checking tbh >poor laptops they overheat and make me uncomfortable tbh >oh btw do you remember what font you used for this banner? Liebe finden >>2413 >>2414 kek its the same font i think i overused it tbh
(30.62 KB 768x513 rck_3604-768x513.jpg)
(35.83 KB 768x513 rck_3615-768x513.jpg)
(201.59 KB 686x458 rck_3655.jpg)
(33.36 KB 768x513 rck_3643-768x513.jpg)
(37.18 KB 768x513 rck_3688-2-768x513.jpg)
>>2415 well if nothing springs to mind im sure you didnt lose anything important >overheat get one of these badboys for it, thats what i use, or even better a cooling pad >Liebe finden sweet, thanks >its the same font haha i-i knew that...
(17.77 KB 300x100 llban.jpg)
>>2417 >get one of these badboys for it, thats what i use, or even better a cooling pad i thought about it but i kept delaying it but now thats its dead i dont have to bother tbh >sweet, thanks you're welcome tbh >haha i-i knew that... kek
>>2418 noice tbh
>>2421 rip in pieces laptop tbh
(555.91 KB 641x960 rck_2964-copy.jpg)
(484.67 KB 641x960 rck_2878.jpg)
(528.75 KB 641x960 rck_2845.jpg)
ive gone down a dangerously young insta rabbit hole here...need someone to save me from myself O_o
(59.21 KB 768x513 hawaiiweb_040-768x513.jpg)
>>2425 >dangerously young i wouldn't worry about it tbh :^)
>>2429 HOT! t. Board Owner
(20.99 KB 422x336 426.jpg)
>>2429 i laffed out loud
>>2427 i managed to escape for now >>2428 lucky boy i wonder if blithe is a footfag, i found a pic that may interest him if he is >>2429 AAAHHHHHHHHH
>>2429 kek thats dusgusting tbh >>2432 >i wonder if blithe is a footfag he should be tbh tbh
yes today is the long awaited day! he/she is back, the gender ambiguous qt has returned! bow down before him/her >>2433 indeed, fire him if hes not tbh :^)
>>2434 /bl/ asked for contributions before and i think you are a suitable candidate tbh
>>2434 Damn, I am conflicted! 💓💓💓
>>2435 who is this qt?
>>2437 i love her tbh @filimonova_alice
>>2438 Beautiful.
(102.11 KB 673x358 SDS.jpg)
>>2435 >you are a suitable candidate
(119.35 KB 570x854 1607331.jpg)
(109.20 KB 570x854 1607332.jpg)
(100.31 KB 570x854 1607329.jpg)
(104.23 KB 570x854 1607330.jpg)
>>2440 they could use your help tbh :^) >>2441 something something dataminer tbh
(8.84 KB 259x194 11a.jpg)
>>2444 (check) >>2445 i dont have sex at all tbh
(2.55 MB 450x450 loli check em.gif)
>>2444 Checked. >>2446 That does not mean other people have to suffer Elliot. perhaps I'll message her in a few hours where I met her so that she clicks who I am.
>>2448 >That does not mean other people have to suffer Elliot. >suffer thats a weird way to say ascend tbh
>>2449 Sexual pleasure is a human need the same as eating drinking breathing.
>>2450 t. mindless braindead coomer
>>2442 noooooo this cant be happening! im straight dammit! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >>2446 based BO dabbing on the roasties
(836.13 KB 4000x2667 IMG_7827.JPG)
>>2451 I have not masturbated in 2 weeks you dummy, you can only be a COOMER if you jack off. Superior patricians like me fuck women's puccis.
our dear leader does not concern himself with such temporary and fleeting earthly pleasures, his mind is solely focused on achieving CunnyEnlightenment™
two weeks of no fap isnt mean you not you not a coom
(50.45 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault_out.jpg)
HAIIII ALL! :) Nice to see u again! How you all doing, frens! LUVLUVLUV!!! OMG!! :)
>>2450 i enjoy fighting my human needs for fun it gives me a sense of control tbh >>2452 >straight thats highly debatable tbh :^) >>2454 this tbh
>>2456 You're pics did post but it's just not showing on your side, it's a trannychan glitch.
>>2457 doing great tbh how are you?
ban nanopenis
>>2461 hehe >>2462 i admit i have a limit to my rulecucking and im inconstant i cant help it also he is not posting cancer yet tbh i dont want to go no fun allowed tbh im having a hard time finding a good balance tbh
(40.49 KB 852x480 11.jpg)
(231.42 KB 960x960 110.jpg)
>>2460 So fine, thank you! :) Life is goood.
>>2463 disregard this im sticking to my words tbh
(12.48 KB 202x249 images.jpg)
>winter is coming
>>2466 based
(143.25 KB 1060x1060 8APP.jpg)
(395.43 KB 1060x1325 QWSQWS1.jpg)
>>2467 >tfw no lgf to snuggle and stay warm with
>>2463 although if i did embrace the homosex life and stop posting here, it would mean no more pics like this...
>>2468 questioning my decisions and inconsistency are not based ;_;but thanks i appreciate it tbh >>2469 might as well freeze to death tbh >>2470 kek
This is what 3-4 years do to a girl. I feel like vomiting tbh.
(3.86 KB 225x225 images2.jpg)
(9.31 KB 259x194 images1.jpg)
>>2469 I know, my luv! Cold season incoming! I'm fine with cold, tbh.
>>2470 but you can still like boys and girls alike and post on both boards tbh :^) >>2473 yeah its fucking evil tbh
>>2474 nice thumbnails, retard
>>2474 yea i enjoy the cold and snow too, only when it gets really windy does it become annoying tbh >>2475 no, you must decide now, take it back or i join /bl/ and leave forever... and no more pics like this....
>>2477 rude only one of then was a thumbnail tbh >>2478 >leave forever im sorry i take it back please stay tbh
>>2477 Sorry, I'm drunk as fuck! :) lol OMG!
>>2480 pic 3 too
>>2480 forever and ever and ever amen ok ill stay :D >>2481 >I'm drunk as fuck BASED
(576.36 KB 743x574 unknown (1).png)
Try and sell me the fun threads. What makes them better than the /pgt/ when there's no names?
(487.97 KB 777x490 unknown (2).png)
>>2484 very kissable toes, uwu~
>>2486 ÚwÚ
>>2482 oh right >>2484 kek nice >>2485 we have meme and llamas tbh
(964.67 KB 1200x1800 LauraB15_015.jpg)
(940.20 KB 1800x1200 LauraB15_016.jpg)
Honest question. Is my wife banned here? Please, it's important to me...
(322.66 KB 1080x1349 er.jpg)
>>2488 i only come here for the llamas tbh
(819.01 KB 1200x1800 LauraB16_018.jpg)
>>2490 I care more about animals than people, tbh.
(473.51 KB 586x573 unknown.png)
>>2488 what quality is this meme? On a scale of 1-10 Zozzlings.
>>2489 as long as she is not naked tbh >>2492 "no lood talk about minors tbh"
(695.05 KB 1200x1800 LauraB17_009.jpg)
>>2492 NO! LauraB is beyond your filthy scenes! Faggot-man, NO!
>>2493 no cunny/10 zozzlings tbh >>2491 whats your favorite animal? tbh
Edited last time by Shogun on 11/08/2019 (Fri) 14:45:17.
>>2432 >i wonder if blithe is a footfag, i found a pic that may interest him if he is I can admire nice feet, but I'm not "into" them.
>>2497 dont worry you will join the good side in no time tbh
(772.10 KB 1200x1800 LauraB17_002.jpg)
>>2496 Dogs, cats, cows, veals, ducks... Why?
>>2497 got signed out
>>2499 i thought you were someone special tbh
(1.04 MB 1200x1800 LauraB17_001.jpg)
(1.09 MB 1200x1800 LauraB17_007.jpg)
>>2501 I'm not special. Just a random faggot shitposting with with lovely homos like you! :) OMG! OMG!
>>2502 you are special because you are posting here tbh
>>2503 crop that shit Shogun, boys OUT!
(767.94 KB 1200x1800 LauraB10_061.jpg)
>>2503 Of course... Thank you
(766.48 KB 1200x1800 LauraB10_001.jpg)
(834.44 KB 1200x1800 LauraB10_002.jpg)
So... We're fine here, righ, bros? Right? In the case being NO, I luv you all homos! See you later somewhere OMG LOL! OMG! :)
>>2504 >being this insecure about cute shotas Methinks he doth protest too much.
(846.46 KB 1200x1800 LauraB03_036.jpg)
This site is better than CG. Change my mind.
>>2508 the huge amount of namefags at cutie and waifuist is annoying af
Is it harrasment to phone someone 3 times a day? asking for a friend
(1.14 MB 1200x1800 v1.jpg)
>>2497 >>>/bl/548 >>2498 that'll convert him ;) >>2501 i know what you were thinkin' >>2508 >Change my mind ok.. val s is best girl :^)
>>2510 is that someone a lg?
>>2512 maybe maybe not. But will she not like it? She gave her number to me voluntarily.
>>2512 maybe maybe not. But will she not like it? She gave her number to me voluntarily.
(928.08 KB 1200x1800 VIP_LaurenF11_004.jpg)
>>2508 >better Just different, that's all. Those places are more like a "social network" for oldfag pedos and hebes. That's fine if it is what someone prefers or is into. My personal preference is a place like libre tbh.
(804.73 KB 1200x1800 LauraB03_001.jpg)
>>2511 I don't know wat is "vals". Help me, faggot.
(20.84 KB 340x342 v2.jpg)
>>2516 the spoiler you fool! valensiya s
(1008.74 KB 1800x1200 LauraB14_029.jpg)
>>2515 True. That's true, homo You got it, faggot.
(951.71 KB 1200x1800 VIP_LaurenF11_005.jpg)
>>2508 >>2515 My point being that most of those guys have all known each other for years. Those sites are where they get together, chitchat and socialize with each other about their real world lives tbh.
(1.00 MB 1200x1800 LauraB14_023.jpg)
>>2519 True, you faggot. CG is circlejerk. I just want lolis...
==ANSWER MY POSTS= >>2513 >>2513 >>2513
(912.44 KB 1200x1800 VIP_LaurenF11_006.jpg)
>>2518 >homo >>2520 >faggot It's okay to be gay tbh.
>>2522 >It's okay to be gay tbh thats pretty gay tbh
(1.03 MB 1200x1800 LauraB12_006.jpg)
(1.06 MB 1200x1800 LauraB12_004.jpg)
>HAIIIIII!!!!!! Life is good. I luv you all!! :) :) OMG! OMG! :):)
>>2509 I agree, random/anon boards are more fun
(1.66 MB 1200x1800 LauraB26_013.jpg)
>>2522 Gay's good. Faggot
(1.75 MB 1200x1800 LauraB26_014.jpg)
>>2525 True.
>>2525 Is her mom a pedo?
(551.77 KB 618x618 1565762709743-618x618.png)
>>2506 >We're fine here, righ, bros? maybe tbh
(1017.20 KB 1200x1800 LauraB11_003.jpg)
(1.09 MB 1200x1800 LauraB11_004.jpg)
(50.45 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault_out.jpg)
I luv you, faggots! :) OMG! OMG!
>>2530 no you dont
(809.28 KB 1200x1800 LauraB02_025.jpg)
(804.01 KB 1200x1800 LauraB02_020.jpg)
>>2529 Sorry for my autism, bros... I luv you anyway!
>>2532 What does love mean?
>>2532 luv you too no homo tbh
(78.03 KB 960x960 C4cpPXxWYAEAmIh.jpg)
>>2532 incase you didnt get the joke you are fine posting here dont worry tbh
(719.47 KB 1200x1800 LauraB04_014.jpg)
>>2533 Love is love, bro. Sorry, I don't know better.
(294.32 KB 712x1024 1475134588462-1.jpg)
>>2536 do you love people here like you love your family members if you have any.
(1008.46 KB 1200x1800 LauraB20_025.jpg)
>>2535 What does that mean? I'm a random faggot. I think I'm not what you think I am... Please...
(1.83 MB 1200x1800 LauraB26_023.jpg)
(1.66 MB 1200x1800 LauraB26_013.jpg)
>>2537 Everyone of them. Absolutely, no doubt.
>>2537 you cant love someone you just met tbh >>2538 it means we are friends tbh
(368.09 KB 768x1024 143688961540.jpg)
>>2539 Well I love you too then :) >>2540 I beg to differ.
(800.84 KB 1200x1800 LauraB08_069.jpg)
(754.51 KB 1200x1800 LauraB08_070.jpg)
>>2540 Frens 4ever! :) OMG! :)
>>2541 >I beg to differ. people are different i guess tbh >>2542 yes tbh
(766.48 KB 1200x1800 LauraB10_001.jpg)
(834.44 KB 1200x1800 LauraB10_002.jpg)
>>2541 Too lood, tbh. I laik peace. Ok, fAk off faggots! Fap to this, homos! I luv U! :) :) OMG! OMG! :)
(9.26 MB 640x798 1572940011.mp4)
I'm seeing (you)s on posts I didn't make LynxChan is gay
>>2545 all me tbh probably tor tbh
>>2544 (checked) its peaceful here tbh
(766.48 KB 1200x1800 LauraB10_001.jpg)
(834.44 KB 1200x1800 LauraB10_002.jpg)
>>2546 Thank you, homo I luv. I lu v. C U later..
>>2548 later tbh
(986.79 KB 1200x1800 VIP_LaurenF11_007.jpg)
>>2545 >>2546 Same for me right now and I'm not currently using Tot tbh. They had the same issue on the garden but the admin there did some kind of hack to the code in order to fix it because apparently it's a recurring glitch in the way that trannychan handles you's tbh.
>>2550 >Tot * Tor
(1.26 MB 1200x1800 LauraB23_009.jpg)
(936.60 KB 1200x1800 LauraB23_017.jpg)
(1.35 MB 1800x1200 LauraB23_018.jpg)
Oh dear, please...
>>2546 >>2550 I'm not on Tor either tbh
(173.83 KB 715x1078 asdasdasd.jpg)
>>2550 Could you post that Set? It looks hot af.
>>2550 >>2551 >>2553 thats weird tbh just enjoy the free (You)s tbh
>>2554 >I'm making stupid threats to you because I have delusions of grandeur regarding the power I actually have as a random schizo anon. FTFY
(832.30 KB 1200x1800 VIP_LaurenF11_008.jpg)
>>2555 >Could you post that Set? I am posting it tbh. One pic at a time kek.
>>2558 zip and share bruv
(197.78 KB 1080x1080 1520062236362-1.jpg)
what percentage of pedos are footfags? 90%
(993.70 KB 1200x1800 VIP_LaurenF11_009.jpg)
>>2559 No Nanominer, I won't tbh.
>>2559 why? when you can enjoy one piece at a time tbh >>2561 more like 99.99% tbh
(358.29 KB 1024x2107 1550330658001-0.jpg)
(335.82 KB 1024x2107 1550330659001-1.jpg)
(335.82 KB 1024x2107 1550330659001-1-.jpg)
(238.75 KB 1024x2107 1550330659001-2.jpg)
(361.36 KB 1024x2107 1550330707775-2.jpg)
>>2563 post lewd feet tbh.
(890.99 KB 1200x1800 VIP_LaurenF11_010.jpg)
>>2563 >when you can enjoy one piece at a time This. One must chew one's food slowly and savor every bite tbh.
>>2559 ask /lg/
(953.75 KB 1200x1800 VIP_LaurenF11_011.jpg)
>>2566 >/lg/ I will not post it there, solely because Nanominer would like that tbh.
>>2567 understandable tbh
>>2564 i dont have any tbh :^) >>2565 true tbh
>>2561 I wouldn't consider myself a footfag but lgs typically have deliciously beautiful feet tbh
>>2552 >>2548 >>2544 >>2542 >>2539 >>2538 >>2536 >>2532 >>2530 >>2527 >>2526 >>2524 >>2520 >>2518 >>2516 >>2508 I want to have sex with you. Let us rub pedococks and fap together homo no homo tbh
>>2509 >huge amount of namefags they are all cringe !!!
>>2520 > is circlejerk i would not mind circlejerking with you homo no homo tbh
What's the current link for waifuist?
(21.39 KB 1344x702 Screenshot.png)
>>2574 It's pic related tbh.
>>2571 >>2573 super homo tbh >>2570 yeah you just cant help it with lgs tbh >>2574 fbi.gov
>>2577 >super homo tbh having sex with pedobro is no homo homo tbh
>>2578 true
>>2578 >>2579 Ugh, disappointing. Find yourself some little girls tbh
>>2580 >tfw no cute pedo bf and cute daughter
Worship tbh fam.
(837.08 KB 1995x2992 loli feet 5.jpg)
>>2582 Old cunt feet. Shit.
>>2582 kek based /w/ tbh
>>2584 >anti-nano pic I was the person who posted the Footfag scale dummy.
>>2585 i forgot about the top part tbh
>>2587 >>2589 lgs are impressively bendable
There is no such thing as love in this cruel world. Death is the only salvation.
>>2590 indeed tbh
>>2591 dont be this gloomy anon tbh
(127.65 KB 960x1280 oje7jgR5mf4.jpg)
>>2593 why? How can anyone cope with the suffering of living without love.
(127.65 KB 960x1280 oje7jgR5mf4.jpg)
>>2593 why? How can anyone cope with the suffering of living without love.
>>2595 focus on other things tbh
>>2594 >>2595 i think love just happens if you are looking for it you will get frustrated tbh also dont be dependent on other people to be happy its not healthy tbh some anons here cope with being drunk af tbh
(121.08 KB 1080x1350 1532681570621.jpg)
>>2598 Like what? How can you focus on anything other than it when your surrounded by everyone else having it 24/7, no job no gf no friends no life ect. >>2600 see above, I can't even try to look for it. I've been doing nothing and not trying for years and that has not helped.
>>2603 >no job no gf no friends no life ect. idk, find something you're interested in and study it it works for me
>>2604 >study it Do you mean with other people? Taking a class? I do that if I could but I can't because pigs won't allow that. I do have hobbies.
>>2605 >pigs won't allow that why not?
>>2603 >when your surrounded by everyone else having it 24/7 i know that feel tbh just get yourself distracted and stop thinking about other people i was worried about how much im missing on for awhile but i started learning things i thought were a great use of my time and helped me cope tbh >>2604 totally this tbh >>2605 no study on your own and with your own time tbh
>>2607 >no study on your own and with your own time tbh also this, the point is not earning a piece of paper but keeping your mind busy tbh
>>2604 >Implying anything but cunny is interesting
>>2606 I'm under home incarceration for the next 6 months tbh. >>2607 I already do that but it does not help.
>>2610 >I'm under home incarceration for the next 6 months tbh. What did you do?
>>2609 kek i cant argue with that tbh >>2610 im just gonna tell you what i was told many times "you will figure it out the hard way" tbh
>>2611 >>2612 Literally all I was tying to do was talk to a girl my own age.
>>2613 im not going to doubt it but i heard women these days think everyone they dont find attractive to be a "creep" and is going to "rape" them tbh i hope its not too bad and you are getting out of it clean tbh
(145.97 KB 1080x1350 436975713777513385.jpg)
(170.31 KB 1200x800 cffa27ae7f7390b6642a.jpg)
(137.77 KB 869x1024 EEPSw15UYAAsSWV.jpg)
Women have nicer asses tbh
(229.16 KB 1080x1350 9372545873_ebb255b666.jpg)
>>2613 Nice try Nano. You literally grabbed the hair of a total stranger girl on the street without any permission whatsoever. The cops did not come after you for merely speaking, they came after you for what is called assault under the law. There are people here who know your backstory dumbass.
How can little girls compete tbh?
>>2614 thanks.
>>2615 >>2617 That bounda is tremendous! >>2616 That was part of making friends with her.
>>2615 little girls are cuter tbh
>>2616 he's not as obnoxious when he can't use his name tbh
>>2615 >>2617 >this guy stop the bullshit tbh
>>2616 He probably just approached her tbh
>>2621 he also thinks he can get away with lying for sympathy when he doesn't use his name. protip: he can't tbh.
(101.89 KB 700x700 9372545873_ebb255b667.jpg)
>>2623 No, he didn't. He put his hands a a little girl he didn't even know after sneaking up behind here. It was not the first time, which is why the cops finally slapped him over doing it.
>>2624 >he can't tbh. yeah obviously. even the people who didn't know him from previous sites now had the chance to see what he's really like
>>2625 How are you so sure of those details?
(74.83 KB 1080x1079 9372545873_ebb255b668.jpg)
>>2627 They are details that he has posted himself, using his trip, on numerous occasions. People kept telling him to stop doing that shit for his own good but he wouldn't listen and just kept say shit like "B-B-But I have to because I anna tough little girls and muh dick".. Then, this last time, he was all "Wahwahwah I did it again an the piggies are on my ass now, what do I do anons?".
>>2628 >anna tough * wanna touch
(109.77 KB 1080x1349 anna feet.jpg)
>>2629 I anna touch Wanna.
>>2628 I see. Are you anti-contact?
nanopenis is a white nigger lmao MUH DIK, MUHFUGGA
(1.84 MB 2378x2693 151418481048.jpg)
(1.03 MB 2336x2631 1551755676582.jpg)
>>2619 >That bounda is tremendous! based >>2620 >little girls have no asses tbh fixed >>2622 proof?
(111.58 KB 1072x1080 9372545873_ebb255b665.jpg)
>>2631 I am anti walking up to strange little girls on the street and grabbing them to cop a feel just so that you can fap your hormonal teenage cock. If you keep doing that, in spite of all the good advice from many people to the contrary, then you lose your pass to cry like a baby about the inevitable result, when the cops finally give a a slap on the wrist after previously only giving you many warnings to stop. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that.
>>2633 Left butt is leagues better, are you blind?
>>2633 you just want muh thicc tbh little girls butts are cute and fun tbh
(164.10 KB 960x960 You Got Me.jpg)
>>2630 Well memed anon kek,
>>2636 He has shit taste.
>>2635 >leagues better smaller is not better tbh >>2636 >thicc is for niggas only tbh >>2638 compelling argument tbh
(412.91 KB 1280x1342 e9b0e2550e5ff937b1b.jpg)
little girls have cute LITTLE asses tbh
(114.42 KB 768x1024 JUST_HOT_LEGS.jpg)
>>2628 It was not about muh dick, it was about having their company and friendship. I did not approach from behind. They can't prove it was illegal tbh. >>2634 shut up. >>2638 he is part of the based non-exclusive masterrace.
(7.94 KB 284x177 the twins.jpg)
>>2639 Shapely is better, the lg had squeezable handfulls of loli ass and the old whore has a shapeless granny ass. Pic: your sexual fantasy
>>2639 /libre/ is a feet board tbh
>>2642 >shapeless little girls have no shape tbh
>>2639 >scantily-clad rosties dancing to ooga booga in da club imagine the smell
>>2641 >They can't prove it protip: anytime you use that phrase as part of your defense you have already lost and just given yourself away. boy are you dumb Nano tbh.
(713.48 KB 960x802 1557500538879.png)
>>2643 > feet board here you go tbh
>>2647 Stop spamming rosties.
>>2647 >oldhag >nails disappointment tbh
(227.66 KB 1080x1080 loli feet 20.jpg)
>>2643 Little girls have superior feet too.
>>2649 is not spam tbh
(275.30 KB 2048x1410         (4).jpg)
(186.74 KB 1080x1349         (5).jpg)
(147.46 KB 1196x1300         (1).jpg)
(408.07 KB 1600x1200         (2).jpg)
(108.40 KB 1000x1000         (3).jpg)
>>2651 footFAG
>>2595 >How can anyone cope https://cope.city/ is your friend
>>2641 >>2646 >I definitely didn't murder that guy cuz they can't find the knife that I used when I stabbed him in the heart What a fucking retard Nano is tbh. LMAO
(1.90 MB 3581x2355 loli feet table 2.jpg)
>>2653 Loli feet are delicious and beautiful. I wear it with pride.
>>2654 >register >mfw the botnet doesnt want me to cope
(48.07 KB 300x220 coping strategies.jpg)
anyone got that pic with girl in pink hat laughing? i lost it with my laptop tbh
>>2647 Those feet are so delicious they deserve to be reposted.
(92.92 KB 640x640 loli feet 26.jpg)
>>2660 >Granny feet >Delicious no
>>2660 based >>2661 gay
(608.48 KB 1536x2048 1550846962793.jpg)
This board is always active like from 2pm-9pm then goes dead.
(105.78 KB 1000x750 foot2.jpg)
>tfw lg with foot fetish
(100.26 KB 1080x1350 taking notes.jpg)
>>2666 checked (satan trips)
>>2664 Hot
>>2666 *Grace Satan pic*
(666.00 KB 666x666 666.jpg)
(101.06 KB 474x600 xPDr1vU.png)
>>2615 >first pic ew >second qt >third pic lord jesus
(161.22 KB 567x709 feetlib2.jpg)
(1.45 MB 800x914 1a.jpg)
(2.11 MB 514x595 3a.png)
(1.34 MB 650x1116 5a.jpg)
(1.43 MB 768x768 6b.jpg)
One of these three has a loli. Can you find her?!
>>2683 little grills have no ass tbh
>>2680 all the sets are literally a click away on duckduckgo >>2683 found her! hidden behind the bushes in the first one, too easy
(87.09 KB 471x337 klim89.jpg)
>>2687 >duckduckgo its no ssafe homo
>>2689 nothing is safe anymore, its only NN anyway, dont be a pussy tbh
>>2690 >tummy i desire to see moar
(1.48 MB 1800x1200 vl.jpg)
(284.12 KB 1080x1620 ValensiyaS37_022 (1).jpg)
(452.06 KB 1620x1080 ValensiyaS37_098.jpg)
>>2691 i dont have much laura tbqh, im more of a valensiya man
(772.87 KB 1200x1800 ValensiyaS20_050.jpg)
(955.62 KB 1200x1800 ValensiyaS20_025.jpg)
(894.21 KB 1200x1800 ValensiyaS20_022.jpg)
(802.70 KB 1200x1800 ValensiyaS20_017.jpg)
>>2692 is based. moar pls tbh
>>2692 both of them get too much attention
>>2694 homo kys
>>2695 I'm not saying they're not hot, just too mainstream, normalnigger.
>>2696 homo!
>>2697 You are FUCKING ANNOYING, did you know that? Say something else, retard. Better yet, say nothing at all.
>>2696 you make a fair point, i should post more bella k
>>2696 >pedo hipster lmao
>>2698 faggot
>>2699 >bella k grandmother by now
>>2702 so are all the CD girls now, the pics are eternal
>>2703 go cum
>>2674 kek noice tbh >>2696 waifu autism kek tbh btw anyone remembers the last thread number we reached? or should i just go with 5?
liking loli is gay
(208.12 KB 903x806 le s.jpg)
>>2709 wait! dont make the new thread yet!
>>2711 kek just did i can delete tbh
>>2713 lol bare with me a second, i think we were on 8, but on libreland we had i think 4 maybe? so really its #13
>>2714 interesting i think i will make it #13 tbh
>>2715 lucky 13 ;)
also fucking trannychan keeps logging me out tbh
>>2716 too old
>>2718 >tfw when /libre/ is a teenager now
there is it tbh >>2720 >>2716 >>2718 >>2719 kek tbh


no cookies?