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>>/libre/3501 >>3473 Savage banter.
>>/b/5917 >>5916 This is why the age of consent should be 0 tbh.
>>/b/5916 >>5915 I'm sure the shotafags are too, I was pretty tasty as a kid.
>>/pol/1117 >>1116 Oh well there you go, make it 0.
>>/pol/1116 >>1111 It's not 13 anymore, it's 16. They raised it in 2015. The feminists have a lot of power in Spain.
>>/pol/1115 /pol/ realized the age of consent should be 0 and suddenly it all made sense.
>>/pol/1114 >>909 I don't know how we did it but it's mostly been undone.
>>/b/5915 >>5914 I'm sorry no one was there to pound your underage boipussy when you needed it most, anon.
>>/pol/1113 Make the age of consent 0.
>>/b/5914 >>5913 I'm not catholic though. I'd actually prefer having been fucked as a kid to being raised fucking evangelist.
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