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>>/b/28000 >>27933 Is masturbating to underage girls in private a crime? Asking for a friend.
>>/tg/1 The rules are self explanatory No shitposting No CP Globals apply Discuss, upload and post teens/tweens on here. Bikini and
>>/b/27999 >>27742 This sounds right. Look at their smiles, theres no way this could be insidious.
>>/b/27998 whats the video. it wants me to disable my adblock
>>/b/27997 >>27996
>>/b/27996 >>27995 What the fuck I hate 8channel now
>>/b/27995 >>27325 ==Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - does necessarily ref
>>/b/27994 >>27783
>>/b/27993 https://8channel.net/b/res/27871.html#27873
>>/b/27992 >>27871
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