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>>/b/55881 >>55850 Maybe we can cross the rubicon! UwU
>>/b/55880 get free gibs and fuck white bitches
>>/b/55879 What makes fantasies unreal? This line doesnt seems to be strict Limiting yourself just to so called reality sounds like a big
>>/b/55878 Get welfare and white women.
>>/b/55877 >>55862 Go to the nightclub and pick up underage coalburners the bouncers let in. Use pot and booze to groom them.
>>/27chan/241 >>158 Por um momento pensei que estava no Reddit.
>>/b/55876 I would become a street shoeshiner.
>>/b/55875 >>55675 Underrated comment
>>/b/55874 >>55869 it's all just pandering to their Shariavangelical base for votes. it's always just pandering to the christfags and mor
>>/b/55873 >>55680 Voting is an act of submission to the establishment and their rigged system. The people who placed Trump in the White H
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